Archives for: March 2012

2JZ build

3-14-12 I Finished up the head today! After cleaning the carbon off the valves on the wire wheel, I added a bit of valve grinding compound to the valve seats and lapped them. This insures the valves seal perfectly with the seats. Installed… more »

At-home paint job

Ok, so I've never sprayed anything myself so I didn't really know exactly what I was doing, but I went for it anyway! The thought of saving a ton of money made it worth trying. I picked up sand paper, some plastic, acetone, a cheap spray gun and a dis… more »

FC RX7 Heart Transplant

After weeks and weeks of deliberation, I've decided on an engine package for the 2012 and 2013 season. This past season with the power level of my LS6, I had to actually take grip out of the car in order to make the car drivable and safe at high speeds… more »