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Midwest Drift Union Round 4 - Streets of Detroit

Coverage of MDU Streets of Detroit. This year I'm competing in the Midwest Drift Union's Pro Am series, and it's been going great. After I missed out on winning the MDU series last year due to brea… more »

Street Life Tour 2011/Midwest Drift Union Round 5

Street Life Tour combined with Midwest Drift Union Round 5 this past weekend in Xenia, OH at Kilkare Speedway. I came into the event leading the MDU pro-am series by a mere 2 points, with Bill “Highlife” Cook nipping at my heels and the rest of the guy… more »

MDU Round 4 2011 @ Nashville Super Speedway

Aside from a ClubFR practice day this was the only other time I'd driven the RX7 since XDC Round 3 and I was super excited to drift the super speedway! I did all the usual going over the car, changing the oil and checking for things falling off from th… more »

Midwest Drift Union Pro-Am Series - Round 3

Saturday, July 9th, was Midwest Drift Union Round 3 at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis. I took Friday off from work to get everything together and head to our friend’s house in Indy. After getting stuck in Chicago for an hour or so due to the terrib… more »